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About Me

Hi, I'm Nisa!

I have lived in suburbs of Chicago for most of my life, spending a few years in Springfield, IL working on my Master of Social Work degree. While I loved working with families and giving back to my community through social work, I felt that my true passion was to capture the joy in life through photography.


I currently live with my husband Ian and our two pets Dae, our sweet German Shepherd-mix, and Brutus, our 11 year old tortoise. When I’m not behind the lens, I’m playing video games with friends, knocking out a bit of crocheting, binge watching crime documentaries, or catching up on the world of wrestling!

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Couple walking across a pier with chicago in background

The details

My first splash into the field of professional photography came in 2018 working for a wedding cinematography company, owned by one of my mentors and now one of my closest friends, Peter Gubernat.


When I met Peter, my photography skills were still very raw and in need of training. Peter and his business partner, Jay Vignali, took me under their wing. They gave me a camera and taught me the skills and techniques I needed to catapult my career in this incredible field. In the same year, I was promoted to a lead photographer and head editor for the studio. 

While I continue to photograph larger weddings for Peter and Jay periodically, I am now primarily working with clients independently to capture intimate weddings and precious moments with couples and families.


Did I mention I love professional wrestling?

Ever since I was a kid, I have bonded with friends and family over WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and now enjoy other professional wrestling promotions on TV and in the Chicagoland area. In my spare time, I combine my love of professional wrestling and photography through my sports entertainment brand, Slingblade.


Traveling to professional wrestling events across the midwest, I work with a variety of promotions to capture the shocking and gut wrenching moments of each wrestling match. Sports photography isn't part of my day job, but I love that it has become my most thrilling and fulfilling hobby.

If you would like to see more of my work follow @slingbladephoto on IG

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